Gorges du Verdon Climbing

Since the 1960s, the Verdon has been a mythical climbing site, attracting climbers from all over the world. As Edouard-Alfred Martel wrote, discoverer of the Verdon gorges : “There is a true wonder without second in Europe, in truth, the most American of all the canyons of the Old Continent”.

Its stiff walls stretching over 40km, offer more than 500 great equipped routes on an exceptional limestone rock. Beginners and experienced climbers alike will find something to quench their thirst for sensations.

Climbing is practicable all year round, but conditions are particularly ideal in spring and autumn ideal in spring and autumn. Climbing in the Verdon is thus an incredible chance to realize the vertiginous atmosphere of the canyon, the diversity of the landscapes, the fauna and flora. It is also undoubtedly an opportunity of unequalled closeness with the mythical griffon vultures and other birds of prey.

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Be careful, however, to respect the instructions of the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds), certain routes are forbidden during the breeding periods of birds nesting in the cliffs, contact the LPO or the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon.

Around the Salles sur Verdon, the closest climbing sites, with many short and easy routes, are located around Aiguines, or the Pont du Galetas, about ten minutes away by car.

For autonomous climbers Les crêtes du Haut Vernis at Aiguines is a rind site for all levels (from 3+ to 7+) with a very nice view on the lake.

Around the Galetas, the great mythical route like Adieu Zidane (6a max) offers a nice view of the climbing in the Verdon.

In a homogeneous and affordable level (5b+ max), with a wonderful view on the lake, the plateau of Valensole and the entrance of the Gorges, “L’arête de la patte de chèvre”, is a very nice big route, to be done rather out of season (because of its south-west exposure).

If you are not an experienced cliff climber we advise you to hire a guide. Our partner on Moustiers Sainte Marie : proclimb, will know how to organize an outing according to your expectations and your level.

To soak up the atmosphere of Verdon and its mythical cliffs such as the Escalès, you will have to go to La Palud sur Verdon (35 minutes), the central point for all climbing, canyoning and other water sports activities.

If you are autonomous climber and you want to enjoy the verticality of l’Escalès, ” Chlorochose ” is for you : a nice route of 7 pitches accessible by abseiling in level 5b/5c.

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Some other equipped easy routes recently are to be done near La Palud, get information on the Verdon topo, available for consultation at the reception.

If you are not an experienced climber, it is better to contact the guide office du Verdon de la Palud sur Verdon, this office is the gathering of local guides and proposes all the activities of nature possible in the Verdon.

Warning : climbing sites, like any mountainous area, involve objective risks. It is up to you to take the appropriate measures : wearing a helmet and supervised practice is strongly recommended.

Topo climbing guide Aiguines Verdon left bank (on sale at the tourist office).

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