Les Salles sur Verdon

and the surrounding area

Between 1972 and 1974, the former village of  Les Salles sur Verdon  was demolished so as to allow the Lake of Sainte-Croix to be filled with water. The new village (at an altitude of 500m)was rebuilt in an outstanding setting on a small promontory overlooking this same lake,  and is located in an unspoilt natural environment where it enjoys an almost ideal  climate. Today the village of Les Salles / Verdon is geared towards luxury and sports tourism but it also caters for families wishing to holiday by the lake as well as  environmental tourists.
  • The Grand Canyon du Verdon
  • Moustiers Ste Marie, earthenware country
  • Aiguines, village known for its wood turners
  • Aups
  • The Valensole plateau with its lavender fields
  • Villecroze and its caves
  • Sillans la Cascade


Of the region

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    The Grand Canyon du Verdon

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    The lake of Sainte-croix

    and its activities
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    village of wood turners

    Moustiers Ste Marie

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    The Valensole plateau

    with its lavender fields
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    la Cascade
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    The surrounding area